About Us

What We Do

Our mission is to promote human health and safer chemicals in a sustainable economy.

The Strategy Center’s major accomplishments since 2002 include: 

  • We developed first-in-the-nation state policies to phase out mercury in thermostats, PBDE flame retardants in TVs and computers, and BPA in baby food packaging—all in favor of safer alternatives.
  • We led passage of a ground-breaking comprehensive chemical safety law in Maine, the Kid Safe Products Act, that serves as a model for similar chemical policies in other states.
  • We've assisted major retailers in identifying opportunities to safely eliminate toxins from products on store shelves.
  • We pioneered innovative public health programs to fund lead poisoning prevention programs for children and workers.
  • The Strategy Center has raised more than $3 million to promote manufacture of biobased products that incorporate renewable biomass from forest, farm, and sea to replace fossil carbon from oil, gas, and coal. 
  • We co-founded and help lead five state and national coalitions actively working on toxic chemical reform.