What Stinks? Toxic Chemicals in Your Home

Strategy Center

This report contains newly disclosed information showing toxic hormone-disrupting chemicals are used in a broader range of household products than previously known.

Thanks to chemical-use reporting required by the State of Maine, manufacturers were required to disclose their uses of hormone-disrupting chemicals called phthalates (THAL-eights) in a variety of products. Their disclosures revealed, for the first time, the use of phthalates as a fragrance ingredient in specific paints and cleaning products available across the country.

Manufacturers also reported the use of phthalates in vinyl clothing, shoes, and fragranced personal care products.

What Stinks? Toxic Phthalates in Your Home presents data generated by a Maine chemical-use reporting requirement, for products sold across the country. The report was conceived and authored by the Environmental Health Strategy Center and Prevent Harm and is cosponsored by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and Safer States, Breast Cancer Fund, Ecology Center, Healthy Babies Bright Futures, and Women’s Voices for the Earth.