Portland Press Herald
There should be minimum criteria for positions meant to protect the public's health, including commitment to a federal agency's mission. By Ross Endicott, Special to the Press Herald SCARBOROUGH — The story of our business starts in the attic, where our 3-year-old son loved to play on the dozens of couch cushions stored there. Why so many cushions? Well, my wife and I sell furniture, and we had been testing cushion shapes and sizes for a new line of smaller sofa designs. But then a customer...Read more
Environmental Health Strategy Center
PORTLAND, Maine, February 5, 2018— The Environmental Health Strategy Center, a Maine-based public health organization working in the state and nationally for safer food, water, and products, has appointed a new board member and expanded its organizing team. ​ Joining a nine-person board of directors, ​David Bennell is the Food, Land, and Water manager for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a global organization of 200 leading businesses. A leader of sustainable innovation...Read more
Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 21, 2018 CONTACT: Jamie Nolan on behalf of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families jamie [at] 410-463-9869 Advocates uncover likely use of toxic, environmentally harmful chemical in golf balls; call on EPA to follow Congressional directive to promptly address chemicals that build up in people and the environment WASHINGTON, D.C. - When an errant drive lands a golf ball in the water hazard, the harm may be to more than the golfer’s handicap. This was...Read more
NBC News
The Environmental Protection Agency is shifting course under the Trump administration on how it assesses new chemicals for health and environmental hazards, streamlining a safety review process that industry leaders say is too slow and cumbersome. But some former EPA officials, as well as experts and advocates, say the agency is skipping vital steps that protect the public from hazardous chemicals that consumers have never used before, undermining new laws and regulations that Congress passed...Read more
The New York Times
WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Wednesday ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to revise its nearly 17-year-old standard for dangerous levels of lead in paint and dust within one year, a rare legal move that amounts to a sharp rebuff of President Trump and Scott Pruitt, the E.P.A. administrator. The decision also called attention to the persistent threat of lead paint to children in millions of American homes, four decades after the federal government banned it from households. “...Read more
Environmental Health Strategy Center
A bipartisan effort to attract investment in climate-friendly, biobased manufacturing jobs, The Renewable Chemicals Act of 2017, was introduced late yesterday in the U.S. Senate, sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and co-sponsored by Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) and others. The legislation, if it passes, will create a production tax credit or an investment tax credit for the manufacture of biobased chemicals using renewable resources from the forest, farm or sea as raw materials...Read more
The Strategy Center
PORTLAND, Maine, August 14, 2017-- The Environmental Health Strategy Center today announced it has joined two lawsuits challenging the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency for rewriting rules that determine how the agency will regulate toxic chemicals found in consumer products, building materials, and workplaces as well as in drinking water and food. Earthjustice, the nation’s largest nonprofit environmental law organization, is representing the Strategy Center as well as...Read more
Prevent Harm and Environmental Health Strategy Center
LD 1263 creates fund to help families treat arsenic-contaminated well water. AUGUSTA, Maine, August 3, 2017 —A safe drinking water law, passed yesterday by the Maine Legislature through a decisive bipartisan override of the Governor's veto, will help Maine families who need to treat arsenic-contaminated well water. It's the second safe drinking water law the legislature has passed this year, as a public health campaign continues work to tackle the arsenic crisis in Maine. LD 1263, “An Act To...Read more
Prevent Harm and Environmental Health Strategy Center
Passed via dramatic veto override, new law will protect firefighters and families from toxic chemicals in household furniture AUGUSTA, Maine, August 2, 2017 —Decisively overriding the Governor’s veto, Maine legislators have passed the first law in the nation to phase out all toxic flame retardants in upholstered furniture, protecting the health of families and firefighters. “Once again, Maine common sense leads the nation. This new law phases out all flame retardant chemicals in residential...Read more
Prevent Harm and Environmental Health Strategy Center
Legislature Will Convene Tomorrow for Potential Override LD 182 would phase out toxic flame retardants in household furniture. LD 1263 would help low-income families treat well water for arsenic. AUGUSTA, Maine, August 1, 2017 —Two common-sense laws that would help protect Maine people from toxic chemicals, LD 182 and LD 1263, were vetoed today by Governor LePage. The Maine Legislature will convene to vote on and potentially override these vetoes tomorrow morning. Firefighters, families, and...Read more
Environmental Health Strategy Center and Prevent Harm
“He was my hero,” Therese Flaherty said of her husband, a firefighter who died of a rare form of cancer. Today would have been their 48 th wedding anniversary. AUGUSTA, Maine, July 19, 2017— Yarmouth resident Theresa Flaherty spent her 48 th wedding anniversary at the State House today, urging Maine legislators to support a bill that would help reduce harm to firefighters’ health—firefighters like the man she once called “my hero.” Until his death six years ago, Yarmouth firefighter Timothy J...Read more
Environmental Health Strategy Center and Prevent Harm
On National Macaroni and Cheese Day, July 14, National Coalition Urges Kraft Heinz to Lead the Industry by Pledging to Eliminate Any and All Sources of Phthalates NATIONWIDE, July 14, 2017 —Laboratory testing of 10 varieties of macaroni and cheese products has revealed toxic industrial chemicals (known as phthalates) in the cheese powders of all of the tested items, according to the Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging, a national alliance of leading public health and food safety...Read more
Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
Environmental health coalition disappointed by polluter-friendly rules The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced final rules today that establish the framework for implementation of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act. Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Government Affairs Director Liz Hitchcock issued the following statement in response: “We are profoundly disappointed that the rules issued today depart dramatically from EPA’s original proposal, following the wishes of the chemical...Read more
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Environmental Health Strategy Center and Prevent Harm
New Law Will Help Boost Awareness and Testing of Arsenic-Contaminated Well Water Across Rural Maine AUGUSTA, Maine, June 19, 2017 —In a major victory for bipartisan lawmaking, the Maine Legislature ​today ​overrode ​the ​governor’s​ veto​ ​of safe drinking water legislation. ​New law will begin ​this fall ​to help boost water testing and protect thousands of rural Maine families from the silent epidemic of arsenic-contaminated well water. “It's a great day for Maine when legislators—Republican...Read more
Environmental Health Strategy Center and Prevent Harm
AUGUSTA, Maine, May 24, 2017— Demanding protection for their loved ones, colleagues, customers, and themselves, a determined group of firefighters, business owners, and parents and other family members are flooding the halls of the Maine State House today, personally urging senators and representatives to vote yes on two bills that would protect Maine firefighters and families. Today, the Maine House of Representatives will take up LD 182, a bill that would protect Maine firefighters and...Read more