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Tell Kraft to Get Toxic Chemical Phthalates Out of Food

Fri, 2018-06-15

Sign our petition to Kraft Heinz and tell the mac and cheese market leader to identify and eliminate ANY and ALL sources of toxic phthalates in food.


Phthalates are industrial chemicals linked to learning disabilities, thyroid problems, and a genital condition in baby boys linked to reproductive harm. These toxic chemicals don't belong in food.


“Serving up one of America’s favorite comfort foods shouldn’t mean exposing your children and family to harmful chemicals,” said Mike Belliveau, our executive director. “Our test results underscore the need for industry to comprehensively test their products for phthalates and determine the steps needed to eliminate them.” 


As the market leader, Kraft has the power--and responsibility--to drive industry-wide change to help protect kids and families from these harmful chemicals.


Learn more about our campaign and sign the petition now.


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