The Environmental Health Strategy Center promotes human health and safer chemicals in a sustainable economy. We work for systemic change by blending science-based advocacy and creative constituency development with strong coalition building and strategic issue campaigns. We believe that children, their families, and all of us have a right to a safe and healthy environment wherever we live, work, learn or play.

The Strategy Center helps lead a national movement to protect the health of children and pregnant women from dangerous chemicals in everyday products. Our campaign to pass the landmark Kid Safe Products Act has set the pace for policy action in more than 30 states.Read more
The Strategy Center fights for environmental justice for rural Americans who rely on wells for safe drinking water. We must increase water testing and treatment to slash exposure to arsenic and other toxic chemicals that cause cancer and learning disabilities.Read more
The Strategy Center works with elected officials to overhaul our broken chemical safety system. For more than a dozen years, we’ve led coalitions and campaigns for stronger state and federal policies that eliminate toxic chemicals and protect the health of families and workers.Read more
All families deserve assurance that the products we buy are safe for people and the planet. The Strategy Center assists retailers and manufacturers to safely substitute toxic chemicals and replace petrochemicals with renewable materials.Read more
The Strategy Center aims to create a sustainable, biobased economy. Manufacturing plant-based products, chemicals, and biofuels can create good jobs and replace climate-changing fossil carbon from oil and gas. Using renewable biomass from the forest, farm, and sea can meet growing global demand for biobased products and revitalize struggling rural economies.Read more