Transform the Marketplace

The marketplace is awash with toxic chemicals hidden in the products we buy and the materials we use to build our homes and schools. But buyer beware--toxic ingredients are rarely disclosed to consumers. You shouldn’t need a chemistry degree to find healthful products, or a hefty paycheck to afford them.

Many businesses find themselves on the front line of consumer discontent with product safety. That’s why the Environmental Health Strategy Center engages directly with leading retailers, product manufacturers, and even chemical companies to identify toxic chemicals in their supply chain and encourage the switch to safer alternatives.

We worked closely with The Home Depot to identify opportunities to improve the chemical safety of the products they sell as part the national Mind the Store campaign. Based on our analysis and advice, this retail giant agreed to require its suppliers to phase out toxic phthalates (THAL-eights) in vinyl flooring by the end of 2015. The best science available links exposure to these hormone-disrupting chemicals to asthma and allergies, learning disabilities, and reproductive harm in children.

With increasing customer demand and the support of business leaders, we’ll continue to transform the market to safer chemicals and healthier products.