Ensure Kid Safe Products

Every family deserves to know that the products they buy are free from toxic chemicals that can harm their children’s health or threaten healthy pregnancies. The Environmental Health Strategy Center is a national leader in developing state policies that require safer products.

We’ve spearheaded campaigns to pass first-in-the-nation laws to phase out mercury in thermostats, toxic flame retardants in televisions and household furniture, and hormone-disrupting BPA in baby food jars. We co-founded a national coalition that works for safer products in more than 30 states. In Maine, our state coalition passed the first comprehensive safer chemicals law in the country, the groundbreaking Kid Safe Products Act of 2008.

The law requires manufacturers to disclose which priority chemicals of high concern they add to consumer products, and to safely substitute when alternatives are available and affordable.  We’re working to guarantee every child a healthier future free from dangerous chemicals found in couches, carpets, plastics and so many other common household items.