Build the Biobased Economy

Imagine a future in which sustainably harvested natural resources support jobs-creating manufacturing that makes plant-based products, displacing petroleum and slowing climate change. That’s the rapidly emerging "bioeconomy."

The Environmental Health Strategy Center has pioneered a sustainable economic development strategy for the State of Maine that ultimately aims to convert wood chips into biobased chemicals, bioplastics, advanced materials like nanocellulose, and biofuels. The biobased economy will help revitalize rural communities and position rural states like Maine for green job growth over time.

We’ve partnered with innovative manufacturers organized through the Biobased Maine trade association, and with world-class researchers at the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute at the University of Maine. We’re proving prosperity can flow from a healthy environment when the benefits are shared equitably.


Biobased Maine is a mission-driven trade association promoting the sustainable use of renewable biomass from forests, farm, and sea to manufacture the next generation of biobased chemicals, materials, and fuels.