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Your donation works for a world where parents don't have to worry that toxic chemicals are making their children sick. Where rates of cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, autism, asthma, and allergies are decreasing. Where food is safe to eat, water is safe to drink, and products are toxic-free and climate-friendly. 

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A Note on Tax Deductions for Your Gift:

The CARES Act--Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security--creates charitable giving incentives for donors to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. 

It includes a new above-the-line deduction that applies to all taxpayers for total charitable contributions of up to $300. You will be able to claim the deduction on tax forms next year, for gifts made in 2020.

The CARES Act also lifts the existing cap on annual contributions for individuals who itemize, raising it from 60 percent of adjusted gross income to 100 percent.