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Sergio Cahueque

Sergio Cahueque joined the team after graduating from College of the Atlantic in the spring of 2017, where he focused his studies on Environmental Sciences and Social Studies....

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Brandon Moore

As the National Campaigns Director with the Strategy Center, Brandon leads the development and execution of our nationally-relevant, primarily market-based campaigns to eliminate toxic chemicals...

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Sarah Woodbury

As the Director of Advocacy, Sarah spearheads the Strategy Center’s advocacy and coalition work. She works closely with legislators, coalition partners, and supporters to advance the Strategy...

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Patrick MacRoy

As Deputy Director, Patrick provides day-to-day management of the Strategy Center’s operations and ensures our programs meet their ambitious goals. Prior to joining the Strategy Center in December...

Mike Belliveau

Mike Belliveau

Mike Belliveau, public policy expert and social entrepreneur, is recognized nationally for promoting environmental public health and green chemistry. For thirty years, he has advanced innovative...