Working to Protect Dad's Health


This Father’s Day and every day, we’re working to protect the health of kids and families. And in our campaign to get phthalates (THAL-ates) out of food, we’re specifically thinking about the health of dads—and men who want to become dads.

That’s because prenatal exposure to phthalates is linked to genital birth defects in male babies that can lead to difficulty fathering a child later in life, and men exposed to higher levels of phthalates in their daily lives have been shown to have lower quality sperm.

Researchers suspect that’s because phthalates harm the male reproductive system, specifically messing up the way testosterone—the male reproductive hormone—works in biological male bodies.

Men’s fertility has drastically declined since 1973 in Western countries, and researchers suspect it’s daily exposure to toxic chemicals like phthalates that may be to blame.

We’re working to make sure that all dads and want-to-be dads are healthy. That’s why we’re fighting to get toxic phthalates out of America’s food supply.

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