What We'll Do in 2020


Imagine a world with decreasing rates of infertility, learning disabilities, and cancer and other illnesses.

In 2020, we'll protect you, your children, and your grandchildren by fighting to:

  • Hold polluters accountable for harm from toxic PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) inflicted on families and farmers.
  • Push for a strong, health-protective drinking water standard to protect Maine children and families from dangerous PFAS contamination.
  • Pass a new law to protect rural Mainers from arsenic in drinking water.
  • Test products and packaging that may be leaching harmful chemicals into your food and home.
  • Make sure Maine's Kid Safe Products Act brings toxic-free products to families.
  • Promote climate-friendly products that are made from renewable materials, not oil and gas.

This work has never been more important. Already, toxic chemical exposure costs the United States more than $130 billion dollars, every year, in health care, social services, special education, and lost productivity. Yet, the multibillion-dollar chemical industry distorts safety research and fights regulation.

We have to stop this craziness, and we can. We can get chemical safety laws passed. We can get giant retailers to stop selling the most dangerous products and replace them with safer alternatives. We can listen to and work with parents and grandparents, doctors and nurses, teachers and workers, and communities suffering environmental injustice.

Will you join us in 2020? You can support our work to protect children, families, and all of us from toxic chemicals in 2020—and beyond—with a year-end gift.