Safer, Biobased Alternatives to Phthalates

Plastic Cup

Earlier this year, Mike Belliveau, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Strategy Center, spoke at the Midwest Bioeconomy and Safer Products Summit. His panel, “Phthalates: Science, Policy, and Safer Alternatives” focused on finding alternative solutions to harmful chemicals through green chemistry and biobased materials.

Phthalates are a large group of chemicals that are widely used in consumer products but have been scientifically proven to be harmful to humans, especially children and pregnant women. Because of this, there is growing market demand for greener alternatives.

Segetis, which also participated in the phthalates panel, is a company that makes safer alternatives to phthalates, including its biobased fast-fusing plasticizer. Like Environmental Health Strategy Center, Segetis believes that biobased materials are a viable alternative to petrochemicals (chemicals made from oil) and contribute to improving quality of life.

View Mike Belliveau’s presentation on phthalates