Our Top Five Results in 2019


Your support for our work resulted in tremendous wins for the health of children and families this year. Here's what you did:

1. We won! Maine now has the strongest law in the nation for keeping harmful chemicals out of food packaging.  

As one mom said, “I would much prefer to have a less convenient pizza box than compromise my children’s health by exposing them to dangerous chemicals.”

2. We prompted Maine agencies to test toxic sludge and stop spreading it all over farmland.  

When a heartbroken Maine dairy farmer shared his family’s story of their 100-year-old farm destroyed by toxic chemicals, we launched national news investigations of his and other farms contaminated by dangerous, long-lasting chemicals known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). The source was industrial and sewage sludge farmers were encouraged to spread as fertilizer.

3. We taught families how to find out if their drinking water is safe.

Because residential well water isn’t protected by safe drinking water law, we trained a team of interns to promote drinking water testing that detects arsenic and other contaminants.

4. We helped 100,000 people demand the end of “brain drain” chemicals in food.

Moms, kids, students, educators, and our national partners rallied at the Kraft Heinz Company’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, bringing 100,000 petitions demanding Kraft get phthalates out of food.

5. We showed you where your shopping’s getting safer!

We’ve just co-authored the 2019 Retailer Report Card grading more than 40 top national retailers, grocery chains, and chain restaurants on their progress improving the safety of the products and packaging they sell.

It was your critical support that led to this year's significant progress toward a world where all people are healthy and thriving. THANK YOU.

In gratitude,
All of us at the Strategy Center

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