Our 2017 Celebration for Our Healthy Future


Join us on Friday, December 1: A night to celebrate and support great work for our healthy future! 

Read all about our 2017 environmental health leadership award winners.


  • Delicious food, drink, and socializing in O'Maine Studios' unique space
  • Inspiring winners of our 2017 Leadership Awards
  • Fun stuff for kids and adults, alike

6-8 p.m.
O'Maine Studios
54 Danforth Street
Portland, ME 04101

You'll be inspired by people and progress getting toxic chemicals out of food, drinking water, and household products. And you’ll hear how we’re helping advance the biobased (plant-based) manufacturing industry in Maine, to help keep families healthy by creating safer products and good-paying jobs.

We're celebrating wonderful successes this year:

  • ​O​ur​ ​new ​national campaign​ ​​for safer ​food​, which ​prompted​ ​coverage coast-to-coast when people learned about toxic chemicals in mac​ ​and cheese.​
  • ​​Three new Maine laws​ ​​we ​won ​with​ ​highest-ever levels of bipartisan support​ ​for​ safe ​​drinking water ​for rural families​​​ ​and​ a ban on cancer-linked ​toxic chemicals​ in furniture.​
  • ​​R​ising ​interest​ we're promoting ​in the U.S.​ and internationally​ for investment ​in ​Maine's forest resources​​ ​to fuel ​climate-friendly biobased manufacturing ​that​​ creates​​​ good-paying​ jobs.​​

Within unique warehouse space adjoining Portland's Old Port, guests enjoy a grown-up fundraising party with ​full buffet, plus a separate pizza party and fun zone for ​the kids. 

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Adults: $25
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