Kraft, Are You Listening?


A few months ago, the news that we discovered toxic chemical phthalates (THAL-eights) in all of the macaroni and cheese powders we tested made headlines across the country.

People were outraged: toxic chemicals don’t belong in kids’ food.

So tens of thousands of people worldwide have signed our petition calling on Kraft to lead industry-wide change by eliminating any and all sources of phthalates in food. Here are a few of the reasons people gave for signing our petition:

“Food needs to be safe, especially for kids.”

“I don't want to eat toxic chemicals.”

“Chemicals in foods and food packaging should be eliminated by all companies - Kraft can set an example!”

“I care for our children and the future of our children.”

But is Kraft listening? Kraft still hasn’t publicly committed to taking meaningful action to identify and eliminate any and all sources of these toxic chemicals in its products.

Let’s show Kraft it’s time to listen up:

Next time you're out grocery shopping, take a photo of yourself or your kids “listening” to a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and email it to us at photos [at] or share it on social media under the hashtag #KleanUpKraft with a link to

We’ll share our favorite photos in the weeks to come—and show Kraft how many of us want meaningful action, now!

Looking for other ways to keep the pressure on Kraft? CLICK HERE for graphics and more to spread the word about our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Together, we can show Kraft how many of us want meaningful action to eliminate any and all sources of toxic phthalates in food.

Thank you for supporting our campaign!