Honoring Sustainable Business Leadership: Biofine Developments Northeast Inc.


With a mission of establishing a renewable liquid fuels industry, Biofine Developments Northeast (BDNE) is at the forefront of the emerging sustainable bioeconomy in Maine. The company seeks to use cellulosic waste materials including forest residues and municipal solid waste to make 100% renewable, CO2 negative heating fuel and chemicals using underutilized infrastructure in rural Maine—replacing toxic, polluting fossil fuels and petrochemicals.

"Biofine Developments Northeast is honored to receive the Sustainable Business Leadership Award from the Environmental Health Strategy Center," said Mike Cassata, chief development officer at BDNE. "Mitigating the impact of climate change by decreasing our reliance on petroleum-derived products and developing storable, transportable forms of renewable energy is critical. Biofine’s plans will be key to transforming Maine’s abundant cellulosic waste resources into biofuel and biochemicals at underutilized industrial sites creating thousands of new jobs in rural Maine. Biofine greatly appreciates the Strategy Center's recognition for developing products that help achieve these goals."

BDNE has a long history of development in Maine, and has worked particularly closely with the University of Maine in Orono, which owns and operates its pilot plant at the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute in Old Town, Maine. Based on the company’s proven ability to produce renewable, biobased products and successful development to date, the Maine Technology Institute awarded BDNE $750,000 this past March. This award puts BDNE in position to develop its first plant in Maine—which is forecast to revitalize local communities with a total of 183 green jobs.

As a vanguard of the climate-friendly bioeconomy here in Maine, BDNE knows that there is a robust and quickly growing market for renewable products. Based on potential market demand, BDNE forecasts in the long-term that it will could create approximately 4,000 green jobs here in Maine, and save a whopping 3.6 million tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere each year, helping to establish our state as a global leader in the fight against climate change.    

Please join us on Thursday, October 17 at the Celebration for Our Healthy Future to recognize BDNE's leadership.

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The Business Leadership Award recognizes a business whose actions demonstrate sustainable, innovative business practices that set a precedent for businesses and communities to follow in supporting the health of individuals, families, the public, and the planet.