Biobased Chemical Market in U.S. to Expand Faster than Previously Thought

Green Chemistry

Globally, the market for biobased chemicals is growing by leaps and bounds. According to a recent report published by the National Research Council, the U.S. is on track to experience an upsurge in biobased chemicals even larger than anticipated. According to the Council’s report, "Industrialization of Biology: A Roadmap to Accelerate the Advanced Manufacturing of Chemicals," advanced manufacturing of chemicals through biology can help address global challenges such as:

• Climate change
• Energy
• Sustainable/productive agriculture
• Environmental sustainability

Beyond that, biobased chemicals can help reduce toxic by-products, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, lower costs, increase production speed, improve the flexibility of manufacturing plants, and increase production capacity. 

Consider the recent news of the Cascades pulp and paper mill replacing their current process (sodium carbonate-based chemical pulp) with new cellulosic technology (extracting sugars from wood chips). Switching to this biobased technology will result in reduced energy consumption and will be more economical, according to Cascades. It also will improve the facility’s environmental sustainability profile, enabling Cascades to offer its customers even more sustainable products.