“Biobased products seen as vital for Maine’s growth?” YES.


We agree with the Portland Press Herald’s recent article, “Biobased products seen as vital for Maine’s growth,” (6/21/15) which reported that Maine has the third-highest concentration of jobs in the “biobased products” industry, according to a recent USDA Report.

The report is part of USDA’s campaign to promote the biobased products industry, which as the article points out, is just perfect for Maine, where we need to grow good manufacturing jobs using our abundant natural resources.

The article also highlights some companies in Maine that have been identified as “Bio-Preferred” producers by the USDA. With a bio-preferred designation, these companies’ products are more likely to be prioritized by government purchasers. One example of a Bio-Preferred Maine company is Grow-Tech LLC, of South Portland. Grow-Tech makes stabilized growing media for multiple industries. Grow-Tech also happens to be a member of the business-led trade association, Biobased Maine, which is staffed by the Strategy Center. Visit the trade association’s website here.

The Portland Press Herald also interviewed U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who talked about rebuilding the rural economy by making new products from plants to replace products made from petroleum. We couldn’t agree more.