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Toxic chemicals that we’re working to protect kids and families from can be found at home, where too many families breathe in, eat, and drink them, unknowingly, as they go about their daily lives. The good news is there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your family—and the new year is the perfect opportunity to resolve to tackle toxics in your home. With these four “new year’s resolutions,” you’ll be well on your way toward a healthier home: Ditch plastic in the kitchen...+ Read more
How did your favorite stores rank on our 2017 Retailer Report Card? You may have been pleased to see some popular retailers—like Apple, Walmart, and Ikea—make the grade when it comes to tackling toxic chemicals. But the report card shows that other popular companies like Trader Joe's, Ace Hardware, and Hannaford parent company Ahold Delhaize received a big fat "F" for failing to take any public action to protect their customers from toxics. You may have also wondered: How exactly did we come up...+ Read more
Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) reiterated her support for the Renewable Chemicals Act of 2017 (S. 1980) in a recent letter to our executive director Mike Belliveau, redoubling her commitment to securing funding for programs to advance the renewable chemicals industry in Maine. "As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I continue to secure funding for programs to protect Maine's forest industries and environment because, as you know, Maine's economy depends in large part on the health...+ Read more
Our new organizer Sergio Cahueque braved the snowy February roads earlier this month and traveled from Portland to Milbridge, Maine, to share the importance of well water testing with the town’s immigrant community. His bilingual Spanish and English presentation on the dangers of arsenic-contaminated well water was offered in partnership with Mano en Mano, a community organization whose mission is to help farmworkers and immigrants thrive in Maine. Arsenic, which occurs naturally in some Maine...+ Read more
Here in Maine, the official first day of spring sometimes feels more like optimism than reality. Ice covers our lakes and rivers, snow blankets our sidewalks, and the forecast warns of still more chilly days to come. But as we bundle up and keep a hopeful eye peeled for the first crocuses to emerge, it's nice to acknowledge the change of seasons with a thorough round of spring cleaning. Keeping the house clean and free of dust and grime is also an important way to keep toxic chemicals out of...+ Read more
Investigators have begun to answer a growing consumer concern: How are toxic chemicals called phthalates (THAL-eights) getting into cheese and other dairy products? A new report released today by the Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging may provide answers that won’t make cows, farmers, or consumers happy. The first-of-its-kind report confirms that some plastic and rubber farm equipment used to milk cows still contains these hormone-disrupting chemicals. “Shockingly, the most...+ Read more
This Friday, May 18th, we're taking part in #theSpringShare —a state-wide giving day supporting not only the Strategy Center but over 30 additional nonprofits working each day for a better Maine for all of us! This day of giving back to the causes and organizations you care about in Maine was created by MaineShare , an organization that provides funding to over 30 groups statewide. We're proud to be a longtime MaineShare participant, and excited to participate in the first annual SpringShare...+ Read more
This Father’s Day and every day, we’re working to protect the health of kids and families. And in our campaign to get phthalates (THAL-ates) out of food, we’re specifically thinking about the health of dads—and men who want to become dads. That’s because prenatal exposure to phthalates is linked to genital birth defects in male babies that can lead to difficulty fathering a child later in life, and men exposed to higher levels of phthalates in their daily lives have been shown to have lower...+ Read more
What's the perfect summer meal? It has to be a dinner with friends and family, grilled outside, accompanied by yummy sides and followed with delicious desserts—along with long, meandering conversations as the hot day cools into evening. There's only one problem with this classic summer scene: as with food in every season, this beautiful summer meal could contain some toxic chemicals that no one wants to eat. Follow these tips to make sure your summer treats are safer and less toxic: 1. Avoid...+ Read more
It's back-to-school week for kids across the country, and for parents, that means stocking up on school supplies, packing school lunches, and making sure that children have all they need to learn and thrive in the new school year. What's an important way to keep children healthy and ready to learn? Reduce kids' exposure to toxic chemicals. With dangerous chemicals potentially hiding in school supplies, lunch food, and indoor air, following these simple tips can help make sure kids have a safer...+ Read more