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It goes without saying that we're all stressed and frightened as we work to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities during this unprecedented global pandemic. As a public health organization, we wanted to let you know a few important ways you can protect your health: For up-to-date information on public health recommendations, please refer to the guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). If you are above age 65, which is at higher risk of...+ Read more
As all of us hunker down and do our best to “flatten the curve,” I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. I thank you, more than ever, for your support of the Strategy Center’s work. On my mind, as I work from home and check in with loved ones, is that the coronavirus pandemic is the strongest reminder that I hope any of us will ever experience: prioritizing public health saves lives. When government leaders prioritize public health, they can save lives by helping to protect...+ Read more
Did you know that over half of Mainers rely on a well for their drinking water—and one out of six wells contains harmful levels of arsenic? If you agree that all Mainers deserve safe water to drink, please join us at a public hearing in Augusta on Monday, January 27, and testify about why you want lawmakers to pass new legislation to establish a stronger drinking water standard for arsenic as well as provide free well water testing for low-income families. scahueque [at] (...+ Read more
Please join our executive director, Mike Belliveau, and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families' Mind the Store campaign director Mike Schade for an informative webinar on the findings of the latest annual report Who’s Minding the Store? A Report Card on Retailer Actions to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals . What: Webinar on 2019 Retailer Report Card findings When: Thursday Jan 23rd - 02:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT Where: RSVP here. In the fourth annual report card on safer chemicals in consumer products, the...+ Read more
An upcoming public hearing on toxic chemicals threatening Maine's food, farmland, and drinking water needs your voice . Will you join us at the Maine State House on Friday, January 24, to speak out about why you want state action that will lead to the clean up of some toxic PFAS (per- and polyfluoralkyl substances) pollution threatening our drinking water, food, and farmland? scahueque [at] (subject: I%27d%20like%20to%20speak%20at%20the%20hearing%20on%20PFAS, body: Hi%...+ Read more
Imagine a world with decreasing rates of infertility, learning disabilities, and cancer and other illnesses. In 2020, we'll protect you, your children, and your grandchildren by fighting to: Hold polluters accountable for harm from toxic PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) inflicted on families and farmers. Push for a strong, health-protective drinking water standard to protect Maine children and families from dangerous PFAS contamination. Pass a new law to protect rural Mainers from...+ Read more
Your support for our work resulted in tremendous wins for the health of children and families this year. Here's what you did: 1. We won! Maine now has the strongest law in the nation for keeping harmful chemicals out of food packaging. As one mom said, “I would much prefer to have a less convenient pizza box than compromise my children’s health by exposing them to dangerous chemicals.” 2. We prompted Maine agencies to test toxic sludge and stop spreading it all over farmland. When a heartbroken...+ Read more
I am so pleased to share this news: We've just learned that Patagonia will match all gifts to our work, when you give through this link , through the end of the year. The match is dollar-for-dollar, for gifts up to $10,000. Just make sure you make your gift on this page , for us to receive the match. Patagonia works with the highly trustworthy Network for Good to process donations. Network for Good will process your donation, and send you an email confirmation and tax receipt. This is an...+ Read more
A little-known issue links communities in Guatemala, where I’m from, to communities in Maine: arsenic contamination of drinking water. I was first convinced of the power of organizing for change when I spent time in a Guatemalan community organizing around water contamination. And it is my work in Maine on this issue that reminds me of the power of organizing, everyday. Giving Tuesday is tomorrow—will you fund our organizing work with a gift? Patagonia Action Works will match Giving Tuesday...+ Read more
With a mission of establishing a renewable liquid fuels industry, Biofine Developments Northeast (BDNE) is at the forefront of the emerging sustainable bioeconomy in Maine. The company seeks to use cellulosic waste materials including forest residues and municipal solid waste to make 100% renewable, CO2 negative heating fuel and chemicals using underutilized infrastructure in rural Maine—replacing toxic, polluting fossil fuels and petrochemicals. "Biofine Developments Northeast is honored to...+ Read more